Unison Ceramics 'Teal'

Unison Ceramics 'Teal'


UNISON Ceramics

The Unison set is a ceramic tableware collection with seven different pieces. It consists of a coffee pot, big and small plate, soup bowl, sugar bowl, cup and a universal fitting lid. The ceramic is dyed with pigments and available in five special colors, all mixed by hand in a local workshop. Only the inside of the pieces are glazed; the outer surface is untreated and raw. All parts of the collection are stackable and fit into each other. This way, the elements can be combined as desired to form a striking and artful object. 

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Design year: 2016
Designer: Julia Mülling
Set contains: Coffee Pot, Big Plate, Small Plate, Soup Plate, Sugar Bowl, Cup, Cover Piece
Material: Ceramic
Colors: Light Coral, Teal, Mint Green, Light Yellow, Cloud Blue
Surface: Glazed inside, Raw outside
Dimensions: Carafe 16,3cm x 23,2cm, Big Plate 30cm x 2,5cm,
Small Plate
22cm x 2cm, Soup Bowl 19cm x 6,7cm, Sugar Bowl 12,5cm x 11cm,
Cup 12cm x 9,5cm, Cover Piece 8cm x 1,5cm
Features: This tableware set includes 7 different pieces that are handmade in a local workshop. The inside is glazed; the outer surface is untreated. All elements are stackable to form a striking and artful object.