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Mindful and sustainable lighting and furniture design

Having ‚Schneid‘ is the German equivalent to ‚being bold‘, which is what puts the essence of our philosophy in a nutshell.


Schneid Studio strives for enduring and elegant products which are mindful and meet the modern Zeitgeist in a courageous way. Using natural raw materials, striking colors and bold shapes we create mood and atmosphere.


„We believe in sustainability and are dedicated to solid craftsmanship. This is why we support local manufacturers, keep delivery routes short and work together with people who are practicing their jobs with passion­­ — just as we do.“


Mindful products

Sustainability starts with the mindset.


At Schneid we work with a holistic view of sustainability. Our entire process of creation is soaked with the fundamental concept of creating fascinating objects with ethical value. For us, working sustainably also entails sharing the vision and enhancing sensitivity in order to elevate the consumer’s perception of craftsmanship and artisanship.


Ethics and aesthetics go hand in hand.


Our products are the result of a process characterized by formative research work and conception to the close cooperation with local manufacturers. At the heart of our business lies the approach ‘form follows meaning’. For this reason we strive to further ethical aesthetics and believe that the close correlation of the two constitutes a crucial base for extraordinary and timeless design.


Craftsmanship is key.


Inspired by heritage techniques and the masterly skills of trained professionals, we maintain strong, long-term relationships with small local businesses where manual skills have traditional value. The independent and self-directed production of our designs ensures authentic and high quality products and enables us to support these workshops, aiming to create new markets for age-old art forms.


Every creation comes with responsibility.


We believe designing entails responsibility. The thoughtfully considered choice of materials for an object is one of the most essential tasks in the process of designing. The use of ecological resources is just as important to us as striving for implementing material innovations and developing natural alternatives for common industrial manufacturing processes, for which we are being sponsored by the European Union.


The studio


"The industrial charm of our location inspires us to new designs and helps us to bringing them to life."


The wide open spaces of our studio are located in a former shipyard in Lübeck, built in 1873. With great caution we renovated the previous training workshop for metalwork in 2014 and reshaped it to our design studio with the utmost respect for the historical elements to maintain the spirit of the building and preserve the characteristic atmosphere. Spread over two floors there is our workshop, office, photo studio, warehouse and showroom. These large spacious areas ensure close cooperation with our team while giving us valuable freedom for creative and productive work at the same time.


the team

Niklas Jessen   CEO, Founder & Design

Niklas Jessen
CEO, Founder & Design


After completing his training as a carpenter, Niklas Jessen went on to study architecture in Lübeck. Throughout his studies various projects involved the art of combining wood and light in an architectural way. After several years of experience in the field of architecture and successful participation of numerous competitions he longed for a way to apply his skills in practice and work with his own hands connecting the creative vision with actual craftwork. Launching Schneid in 2012 enabled him to approach the artistic design in a more tangible way. His special background and multifaceted projects at the interface of architecture, photography and design facilitate a broad and unconventional creating which has already won several awards with pieces like the Eikon or Zappy lighting.

Julia Jessen  CEO, Co-Founder & Design

Julia Jessen
CEO, Co-Founder & Design


Julia initially studied literature and linguistic in Berlin, lived in Paris and Toulouse and volunteered in social projects such as teaching at a school in the socially deprived Berlin district of Neukölln. Nevertheless, her pristine passion for creative work and artistic projects gradually began resurfacing during her studies. Through the experience of working in film and photography, painting and graphics, she eventually came to product design. Consequently, they started the company Schneid in 2012 together after Julia received her Master of Education. Her interdisciplinary approach balancing at the point of tension between art and design has brought successful designs forth, that have been included in collections and museums next to receiving multiple awards.

Rico Klinckenberg  Management assistant

Rico Klinckenberg
Management assistant

Lisa   Dunken  Ceramic production

Lisa Dunken
Ceramic production

Evi Mülling  Accounting

Evi Mülling

Lena Reetz  Product Design Intern

Lena Reetz
Product Design Intern


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Awards & honourable mentions

German Design Award Special Mention  - Junit lighting
German Design Award - Unison Ceramic collection
Nomination for Young Icons Award

The Architectural Digests 50 top German Designers

German Design Award "Special Mention" - Eikon lighting
LN Existenzgründerpreis (Award for company foundation)

Green Product Award - Zappy lighting