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Eikon Basic 'Forest Green'

Eikon Basic 'Forest Green'


Eikon BASIC Lighting

With a minimalist expression and a vivid use of color, the Eikon lighting merges timelessness and the contemporary. The modular series offers a free choice of shape, color and material to combine the wooden base and lampshade - conveying a versatile and free feel to any interior space.

The wooden socket of the lamp constitutes the minimalist and clean base of the lamp. The lampshade, simply attached with the help of magnets and made of steel or silicone forms a perfect contrast with its vibrant colors orwith its elegant and reflecting surface.

Eikon Bubble is a silicone lampshade that is poured into an extraordinary shape. With its translucent visual appearance, it brings new aestheticfeatures to the lamp. Touching the soft and flexible shade will reveal theoptical illusion that is initially created by the glass-like material. Each lampshade is casted by hand and has its own special and unique marble structure.

With its straightforward and elegant appearance, the Eikon Ray adds a touch of sophistication to any interior space. Its beautiful metallic surface forms a striking contrast with the natural wooden socket, enhancing the lighting’s distinctive look.

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Design Year 2013
Designer Julia Jessen and Niklas Jessen
Material Ash, Oak, Bamboo, Walnut or Black Oak | Steel or Silicone
Color White, Black, Mint, Nacre Grey, Forest Green, Nordic Blue
Dimensions 26x35 cm
Features The lights magnetic connection system allows to easily attach or change the lampshade of the chosen base. Individual shades can be ordered separately.