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Mindful and sustainable lighting and furniture design
Eikon Shell 'White' with walnut wood

Eikon Shell 'White' with walnut wood


Eikon Shell Lighting

Eikon is made of certified wood and a lampshade that is attached simply with the help of magnets. The wooden socket of the lamp constitutes the minimalist and clean base of the lamp. The lampshade, made of steel or silicone and available in two different sizes, forms a perfect contrast with its vibrant colors or with its elegant and reflecting surface. With the magnetic connecting system, the lampshade can be changed with little effort for another color, shape or material which can be easily attached to the wooden base. Eikon Shell appears more straightforward in its design. Accordingly, this version, available in White, Ice Blue and Bright Yellow, lets the living space shine even brighter. With the combination of the two models 'Basic' and 'Shell', the pendant lighting is even more versatile in terms of design and function.

FROM 369 €

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Schneid Lighting & Furniture | Eikon Lighting


Design Year 2014
Designer Julia Jessen and Niklas Jessen
Material Ash, Oak, Bamboo, Walnut or Black Oak | Steel 32
Color White, Ice Blue, Light Yellow
Dimensions 54x32 cm
Features The large lampshade of this light creates a very highlight output. It builds on the same features as Eikon Basic.