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Mindful and sustainable lighting and furniture design
Figura Lighting

Figura Lighting


Figura Lighting

Figura - A melodious name that refers to the special shape of the lighting. By a playful use of lines and forms three different versions were created, eachof which, individually or in combination, exudes gracefulness. With the finemetal tube, the line of the cable becomes a design element and part of the sculptural silhouette. The three shades, inspired by the authentic aesthetics of classic industrial lightings, have a minimalist, graphic expression. Thelamp is strangely beautiful in its interplay with fine surfaces and an subdued,timeless colour palette.

Modern elements, meticulously crafted by hand, give the lighting its innovative character, providing a new perspective on traditional craftsmanship. The white inside of the lamp enhances the contrast with the coloured outside and ensures optimum light output. The seamless, organicfinish of the inner lamp contour with the light source creates an original,harmonious detail.

Figura brings classical forms to new life. As a single light source or in combination with other Figura lamps, it emits pleasant light and unfolds itssubtle aesthetics especially over kitchen counters, bars and offices. Designedwith a view to consistency, Figura conveys a sense of harmony and simple, timeless elegance.

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Design Year 2018
Designer Julia Jessen & Niklas Jessen
Material Aluminium | Brass
Color  Chrome, Brass, Black, White, Sand, Burnt Orange, Forest Green, Midnight Blue
Dimensions Arc: 10 cm x 45 cm | Cone: 20 cm x 45 cm | Stream: 16,5 cm x 45 cm


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