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Fil Clothing Rack 'Brass' with marble stone and Hazy Blanket

Fil Clothing Rack 'Brass' with marble stone and Hazy Blanket



Fil is a grand place for your carefully selected clothing that usually will be forgotten in your wardrobe after time. Made of high quality brass or colored steel, the clothing rack is grounded with a white Carrara marble stone or patterned terrazzo stone. The mix of materials creates a striking contrast and achieves an exciting composition. 'Fil' is the French word for thread and refers to both form and function of this coat hanger; the extremely delicate materiality and the precious textiles that can be held by it. 

1950 € 

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Schneid Lighting & Furniture | Fil Clothing Rack


Design Year 2015
Designer Julia Jessen
Material Brass or Steel | Carrara Marble or Terrazzo
Color Cloud Blue, Glacier Green, Black or Brass
Dimensions 145x96 cm
Features By the use of contrasting high-quality materials, the clothing rack is an elegant exclusive stage for precious and special textiles.