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Junit Lighting —  Curated versions

Junit Lighting — Curated versions


junit lighting

The Junit light is a modular pendant lamp that consists of eight different elements. The units are turned from high-quality ash wood and painted in a german workshop, not far from our own studio. The elements of the Junit series come in a natural, clear finish and each in different colors. The bulb complements the colorful lamp with its oversized, milky glass which produces warm, ambient light. To complete the individual look of the lamp, the user can choose from eight different textile cable colors.

curated 199€

Configurated from 125€ 

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Schneid Lighting & Furniture | Junit Lighting


Design Year 2016
Designer Julia Jessen
Material Ash Wood        
Colors Teal Green, Magenta, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Mint, Blue, White, Black, Natural Wood
Features The light consists of various individual elements which you can combine as desired. In addition, five exclusively curated versions of the light are available.