Schneid introduces new fafa table

Schneid Lighting & Furniture | FAFA Table

„This table is an ode to simplicity
and attention to detail“ 


Fafa is our latest member of the Schneid collection. Inspired by traditional craftsmanship, it combines classical and contemporary design elements in a harmonious way. 

Fafa is handmade in a local workshop and available with a round or square table top. This piece of furniture is easy to assemble and disassemble and is made to stay with you for life in a fast paced modern world.

Moreover the whole range of our new and exciting products can be found in our updated online shop, including our sustainable wooden furniture and carefully handmade accessories. Enjoy exploring our webpages and we are pretty sure, that you will find inspiration for your space or project.

Schneid Lighting & Furniture | FAFA Table

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