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About Schneid - Our philosophy

Dear friends,

with our ever growing collection of elegant and mindful products that have received increasing attention, we would like to take the opportunity to give you an insight into our studio. Our new „About“ page invites you to learn about the people behind the products, our atmospheric workspace and the philosophy of our company.

Schneid Studio

At Schneid we work with a holistic view of sustainability. From the first idea to a small-batch production, our entire process of creation is soaked with the fundamental concept of  creating  fascinating objects with ethical value.

We maintain strong, long-term relationships with small local businesses where manual skills have important traditional value and the people work with passion along with great attention to detail ensuring authentic and high quality products. 


The wide open spaces of our studio are located in a former shipyard in Lübeck, built in 1873. With great caution we renovated the previous training workshop for metalwork in 2014 and reshaped it to our design studio with the utmost respect for the historical elements to maintain the spirit of the building and preserve the characteristic atmosphere.

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