Nomination for Young Icons Award

Young Icons Award

We are very pleased to announce that Schneid has been nominated for the Young Icons Award 2017. 


You are now invited to choose your Icons of the Future. Support us and Schneids philosophy by taking your vote in the Design category.


Powered by the german newspaper Die Welt, a careful selection of young talent with forward thinking ideas has been put to the vote by Iconist Magazine. We are proud of this opportunity to share our vision for a future of sustainable consumerism and conscious living. To attain the authentic and ecological designs Schneid stands for, we dedicate our work to an essential set of ethical values.

Junit by Schneid
Zappy by Schneid

From the resourcing of the material to the delivery of the end product, we aspire to the highest standard of quality. Above anything we value a close collaboration with our local manufacturers.

Schneid stands for responsible design and the unity of ethics and aesthetics.  We believe in thoughtful choices and innovation through consciousness. Use your vote to support our vision!

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