International Women's Day - Interview with Julia


The spanish Domestico magazine takes the occasion of the International Women's Day as an opportunity to surround itself with women in the fields of architecture and design, who can be regarded as a reference in these disciplines. With the aim of strengthening the role of female designers and architects, ten women, including Julia Jessen, who are currently contributing to today's understanding of design, were interviewed on this topic. 

We are pleased to show you the interview with her below.


"Above all, I believe it is essential for women to network, support each other, inspire each other and learn from each other. We all benefit from this, whereas competition or envy still keeps all of us small."


At a time when many women have had a voice, and have spoken out about the obstacles and differences between genres in many professional fields, we would like to know your personal vision, in the form of an anecdote or curiosity, about what it means for you to be a woman in the world of design / architecture.

Shortly after we founded our company, we were nominated for an award of a small furniture fair. We should therefore be interviewed by the jury and photographed by the press. So as a lot of nervous press people, jury members and the exhibition management showed up at our stand, I was pushed aside and the quick interview was held exclusively with Niklas. Everything went so fast that we didn't manage to explain and clarify that Niklas is not the only designer of our products.

This experience has shown me early on that I have to prove myself in the professional field of design as a woman. Since then, we have been actively working on the communication strategy and tell the background of various products. Interestingly, for some time now there have been more and more press inquiries directed directly at me. It seems as if the story of a woman in the design field is now attracting more and more attention.


Do you think there were more differences when you started? Are they still present?

As I have already said, communication is essential to show the faces behind the brands and studios. However, it is not absolutely essential to attend trade fairs anymore, you can also reach many people via social media. Becoming increasingly important, women get the chance to create a narrative with pictures or videos that are shown in the natural environment of a designer, a kind of first hand experience that can sometimes show much better who stands behind the products, the everyday work of a woman in the design world. Making visible so many talented women in the design and craft industries, it makes the work of the designer more accessible and will possibly encourage more women to decide to found their own design studio or work in the industries.


If you could give advice to young designers / architects / entrepreneurs, what would it be? How do you see your role in the future?

Above all, I believe it is essential for women to network, support each other, inspire each other and learn from each other. We all benefit from this, whereas competition or envy still keeps all of us small.
During their studies female students still complain of how much they have to fight with prejudices. Here too, the internal division in design education still exists: ceramics and textiles are traditionally female areas, wood and metal male. Which materials you prefer as a woman, you get the feeling of having to justify or prove oneself. This important start in the profession of designer is thus already influenced by traditional (patriachal) structures. Women coming from design studies often quickly enter the craft and maker scene. It is not easy to manufacture products independently on an industrial level, but many do not even consider this development. However, I would always recommend female designers in particular to think big, to take this courageous step. In general, I see this as an opportunity to break away from the existing structures and to go down new paths independently.

Finally, we would like to know about a woman in the field that has inspired you.

It's hard to name just one woman here. For me there are different inspiring women for different approaches and areas. For example, Hella Jongerius is incredibly inspiring for her work with color. I also admire Julia Lohmann's artistic approach and the work of Inga Sempé.


Thank you very much Domestico Magazine for the interview.

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