Fafa Table Round

Fafa Table Round


The Fafa table is an ode to simplicity and attention to detail. Inspired by traditional craftsmanship, it combines both classical and contemporary design elements in a harmonious way. Solid ash wood and highest quality brass give it natural purity with fresh aesthetic and a pleasant tactile feel. Fafa is handmade in a local workshop using traditional techniques to manufacture the angled legs and the round or square table top. This piece of furniture is easy to assemble and disassemble and is made to stay with you for life in a fast paced modern world. 

Design Year 2016
Designer Julia Jessen and Niklas Jessen
Material Ash Wood
Color Natural
Finish Clear Lacquered
Dimensions 78 cm x 116 cm | 28,5 kg
Shipping 4-6 days (Germany), 7-9 days (EU), max. 20 days (international)
Features This table combines traditional craftsmanship with fresh aesthetics in its simple design. It is offered with a round and square table top. 

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