Schneid Lighting & Furniture | Unison Ceramics


Design year 2016
Designer Julia Jessen
Set contains Carafe, Big Plate, Small Plate, Soup Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Cup, Cover Piece
Material Ceramic
Color Coral, Teal, Mint, Yellow, Cloud Blue
Surface Glazed inside, Raw outside
Dimensions Carafe 16,3cm x 23,2cm, Big Plate 30cm x 2,5cm,
Small Plate
22cm x 2cm, Soup Bowl 19cm x 6,7cm, Sugar Bowl 12,5cm x 11cm,
Cup 12cm x 9,5cm, Cover Piece 8cm x 1,5cm
Features This tableware set includes 7 different pieces that are handmade in a local workshop. The inside is glazed; the outer surface is untreated. All elements are stackable to form a striking and artful object.