Woodpecker - Swing arm lamp

Woodpecker - Swing arm lamp

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Completely reduced to essential forms and functions, the Woodpecker appears as a simple line, attached to the wall and extending into a room. the minimalism of the product is clearly reflected in the lamp: an LED bar allows an extreme simplification of the design. Thus, the lamp carries a high degree of innovation, without being futuristic or industrial. 

The material combination of wood and metal gives the lamp a naturalness and comfort, so that it is especially good to use in workspaces or in the living room. In terms of technology, the Woodpecker uses high power LEDs with an illumination of 1200 lumen at an consumption of 15 watts. therefore, the woodpecker’s LEDs are extremely energy efficient, durable and overall sustainable. 




30 days


205cm x 65cm


Ash wood, metal


LED - 15 Watt