Innovation assistant project funded by The european union - European Regional Development Fund

Innovative product development in the field of furniture and lighting design with the use and development of new innovative materials

Over the last few years, material research has become one of the key disciplines in the development of new products. Important impulses for design stem from material research and the specific use of various materials. Focus is on ecological aspects such as sustainability, renewable resources, recyclability, weight reduction, durability and the avoidance of hazardous, toxic substances. These are basic principles which should be the focus of contemporary design work.
Schneid lighting & furniture is a modern company that keeps in line with the values of sustainability, local production and fair personnel management. Sustainability in our view, not only involves sourcing wood from sustainable forestry, but also investing in high-quality production methods, which create a potential for longevity of the end product. A logical and consistent step towards to our basic business principles is now to take a closer look at the materiality within our upcoming product development. New and up-to-date research enables us to use innovative materials within our future range of products, such as wood-based plastics, Acrodur or Valchromat. Opening up this innovative material market is essential for the progress of our design development and main objective of the project. Included are extensive research, close cooperation with the corresponding companies as well as accompaniment of the design process and production. The gap between science and industry, which has always been much complained about, is to be closed this way and a direct link to the design to be established. 
In order to realize this project, we need a qualified university graduate as an innovation assistant who can integrate these promising materials, through cooperative and interdisciplinary networking, into the development of new ecological and innovative products.